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I am (co)author or (co)editor of 34 academic books and a 12 volume encyclopedia.  Four of the books below are open access – Atlas of Cybersace, Mapping Cyberspace, Radical Theory/Critical Praxis and How to Run a City Like Amazon, and Other Fables – and a couple have their own websites with additional resources.




Gilmartin, M., Hubbard, P., Kitchin, R. and Roberts, S. (eds) (2024) Key Thinkers on Space and Place. 3rd edition. Sage, London.



Kitchin, R. (2024) Researching Digital Life: Orientations, Methods and Practice. Sage, London.




Kitchin, R. (2023) Digital Timescapes: Technology, Temporality and Society. Polity Books, Cambridge.

Publisher website




Kitchin, R. (2022) The Data Revolution: A Critical Approach to Big Data, Open Data, and Data Infrastructures. 2nd edition. Sage, London.

Publisher website and preview of first 100 pages



Kitchin, R. (2021) Data Lives: How Data Are Made and Shape Our World. Bristol University Press.

Book website with sample chapters

Publisher website



Kitchin, R. and Fraser, A. (2020) Slow Computing: How To Create More Balanced Digital Lives. Bristol University Press.

Book website with sample chapters

Publisher website



Cardullo, P., di Feliciantonio, C. and Kitchin, R. (eds) (2019) The Right to the Smart City. Emerald, Bingley.

Publisher website



Graham, M., Kitchin, R., Mattern, S. and Shaw, J. (eds) (2019) How to Run a City Like Amazon, and Other Fables. Meatspace Press, Oxford.

Purchase paperback    Open access download



Coletta, C., Evans, L., Heaphy, L. and Kitchin, R. (eds) (2018) Creating Smart Cities. Routledge, London.

Publisher website



Ash, J., Kitchin, R. and Leszczynski, A. (Eds) (2018) Digital Geographies. Sage, London.

Publisher website



Kitchin, R., Lauriault, T.P. and McArdle, G. (Eds) (2017) Data and the City. Routledge, London.

Publisher website



Kitchin, R., Lauriault, T.P. and Wilson, M. (Eds) (2017) Understanding Spatial Media.  Sage, London.  PB: 978-1-4739-4968-3 HB: 978-1-4739-4967-6

Publisher website


code and city 2


Kitchin, R. and Perng, S-Y. (2016) Code and the City. Routledge, London.  PB: 9781138922112, HB: 9781138922105

Publisher website


TDR cover 2


Kitchin, R. (2014) The Data Revolution: Big Data, Open Data, Data Infrastructures and Their Consequences. Sage, London. PB: 9781446287484; HB 9781446287477

Book website,


HG cover


Lee, R., Castree, N., Kitchin, R., Lawson, V., Paasi, A., Philo, C., Radcliffe, S., Roberts, S. and Withers, C. (Eds) (2014) SAGE Handbook of Human Geography. Sage, London. 2 volumes. HB: 9780857022486

Publisher website,,


oxford dictionary of human geography


Castree, N., Kitchin, R. and Rogers, A. (2013) Oxford Dictionary of Human Geography. Oxford University Press. 978-0199599868

Book website,,


Code spaceKitchin, R. and Dodge, M. (2011) Code/Space: Software and Everyday Life. MIT Press.

Winner: Meridian Prize by American Association of Geographers for best book in discipline. CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title 2011 (American Library Association prize). 978-0262042482

Publisher website,,


The Map ReaderDodge, M., Kitchin, R. and Perkins, C. (Eds) (2011) The Map Reader: Theories of Mapping Practice and Cartographic Representation. Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester. 978-0470742839

Winner of the Cantemir Prize 2012, Berendel Foundation

Publisher website,,

key thinkers 2


Hubbard, P. and Kitchin, R. (Eds) (2010) Key Thinkers on Space and Place. 2nd edition. Sage PB 978-1849201025.

Being translated into Chinese (Commercial Press)

Publisher website,,


international encyclopediaKitchin, R. and Thrift, N. (Co)Editor-in-Chief, International Encyclopaedia of Human Geography (Elsevier, 2005-) 12 volumes, 914 entries, 844 contributors. 978-0080449111

CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title 2010. (American Library Association prize)

Encyclopedia website



Dodge, M., Kitchin, R. and Perkins, C. (Eds) (2009) Rethinking Maps: New Frontiers in Cartographic Theory. Routledge, London   PB 978-0415676670, HB 978-0415461528

Publisher website,,


key texts

Hubbard, P., Kitchin, R. and Valentine, G. (Eds) (2008) Key Texts in Human Geography. Sage, London. PB: 9781412922616, HB: 9781412922609

Publisher website,,



atlas of the island of ireland

Gleeson, J., Kitchin, R. Bartley, B., Driscoll, J. Foley, R., Fotheringham, S. and Lloyd, C. (2008) The Atlas of the Island of Ireland. AIRO/ICLRD, Naas. HB: 0-901519-91-X


mapping worlds


Kitchin, R. (Ed) (2007) (Ed) Mapping Worlds: International Perspectives on Social and Cultural Geographies. Taylor and Francis. HB: 0-415-43828-4; PB: 978-0-415-49490-8.

Publisher website,,


understand contemporary Ireland


Bartley, B. and Kitchin, R. (Eds) (2007) Understanding Contemporary Ireland. Pluto Press, London PB: 0-7453-2594-7, HB 0-7453-2595-5

Publisher website,,


academics guide


Kitchin, R. and Fuller, D. (2005) The Academic’s Guide to Publishing. Sage, London. PB: 1-4129-0083-2; HB 1-4129-0082-4

Publisher website,,




Hubbard, P., Kitchin, R. and Valentine, G. (Eds) (2004) Key Thinkers on Space and Place. 1st edition. Sage, London. PB: 0-7619-4963-1, HB 0-7619-4962-3

Being translated into Japanese (Nakanishiya Publishers).,


radical theory


Fuller, D. and Kitchin, R. (Eds) (2004) Radical Theory, Critical Praxis: Making a Difference Beyond the Academy? Praxis E-Press.  0973456108

Open Access PDF


thinking geographically


Hubbard, P., Kitchin, R., Bartley, B. and Fuller, D. (2002) Thinking Geographically:Space, Theory and Contemporary Human Geography. Continuum, London. PB: 0-8264-5625-1; HB: 0-8264-5624-3

Publisher website,,




Kitchin, R. and Kneale, J. (Eds) (2002) Lost in Space: Geographies of Science Fiction. Continuum, London. PB: 0-485-00639-1, HB: 0-485-00448-8

Publisher website,,


cognition of geographic spaec


Kitchin, R. and Blades, M. (2001) The Cognition of Geographic Space. IB Taurus, London. PB: 1-860-64705-7, HB: 1-860-64704-9

Publisher website,,


atlas of cyberspace


Dodge, M. and Kitchin, R. (2001) Atlas of Cyberspace. Addison-Wesley. HB: 0-130-89720-5.

Free download of book under creative commons license


Disability space


Kitchin, R. (2000) Disability, Space and Society. Geographical Association, Changing Geography Series. 1-899085-87-4

Publisher website,,


mapping cyberspace


Dodge, M. and Kitchin, R. (2000) Mapping Cyberspace. Routledge, London. PB: 0-415-19884-4, HB: 0-415-19883-6.

Translated into Chinese (Weber Publications, Taiwan).

Book website    Open Access,


cog map


Kitchin, R. and Freundschuh, S. (Eds) (2000) Cognitive Mapping: Past, Present and Future. Routledge, London. HB: 0-415-20806-8

Publisher website,,


conducting research


Kitchin, R. and Tate, N. (1999) Conducting Research in Human Geography: Theory, Methodology and Practice. Prentice Hall. PB: 0-582-29797-4.

Translated into Chinese (Commercial Press, Beijing)

Publisher website,,




Kitchin, R. (1998) Cyberspace: The World in the Wires. John Wiley and Sons, Chichester. PB: 0-417-97862-0. HB: 0-471-97861-2

Publisher website,,



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