Speaker gigs

I’m regularly asked to speak at workshops, conferences and departmental seminar series or act as a discussant for sessions.  These events span a broad range of disciplines and also non-academic events.  Below is a list of forthcoming talks and past invited ones.  If you’re interested in me speaking at your event then drop me an email (I usually need at least a couple of months notice).



This list is only of events I was invited to speak at/be a discussant and does not include those I applied to attend.

(2022) Making a difference beyond the academy: Critical interventions into smart city making. Beyond Smart Cities Today. Malmo University, June 16-17.
(2022) Exploring digital space-times. Geography and the Digital. University of Delhi, India. 23rd May.
(2022) The right to the smart city. Smartgreens 2022. 11th International Conference on Smart Cities and Ggreen ICT Systems. Lisbon, Portugal.
(2022) Telling stories about and with urban data and dashboards. Center for Urban and Regional Analysis, Ohio State University. 23rd Sept
(2022) The epistemology, praxes and politics of Urban Science and city dashboards, Hamilton Institute, Maynooth University, 21st Sept
(2022) Ethics of smart cities. Technology Studies, University of St Gallen, Switzerland. 3rd May
(2022), The right to the smart city. EmergenCITY, Technische Universitat Darmstadt. 28th January
(2022) Team management. ERCEA PI Centric Event, University College Dublin, 18 Oct.
(2022) Exploring methods for interdisciplinary data science. Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy, Univ Cambridge & Digital Ethnography Research Centre, RMIT. 13 Sept.
(2022) Gender, smart cities and innovation: Can a smart city be equal? The Gendered Landscape of European Cities, University of Umea, Sweden, June 9.
(2022) #tresdancing. Law Dept, Maynooth University, 25 April.
(2021) The adoption gap: Ethics, citizenship, institutional factors, and standards for smart cities. ITU Kaleidoscope. Geneva, Switzerland. 6-10th Nov
(2021) Urban data politics: Data power, capitalism, ethics and justice. Neuchatel, Switzerland. 25-26 Nov.
(2021) The right to the smart city. Digital Geographies conference, Lisbon. Oct 28-29.
(2021) The realtimeness of urban infrastructures. Timescapes of urban infrastructure and planning, University of Bologna. 14 Oct.
(2021) publishing: from idea to contract to print. Regional Studies Association, Professional Development Webinar Series, 8 Sept.
Kitchin, R. (2021) The Epistemology, Praxes and Politics of Urban Science and City Dashboards. Global Research Forum 2021: The Fruition and Challenges of Computational Social Science. National University of Singapore, Aug 23-25.
Kitchin, R. (2021) The right to the smart city. Sensing the City, RC21 (International Sociological AssociationResearch Committee 21 on Urban and Regional Development), Antwerp, July 14-16.
(2021) Civil liberties or public health, or civil liberties and public health? Using surveillance technologies to tackle the spread of COVID-19. Pandemic Tech: The Interplay of Covid-19 and Technology in Shaping the Pandemic. LINCS, QUB, 16-17 June.
Kitchin, R. (2021) The right to the smart city. Digital Futures Distinguished Lecture Series hosted by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), 31st
Kitchin, R. (2021) Rights to the blockchain city #1, Pakhuis De Zweijger, Netherlands, 10th
Kitchin, R. (2021) Data strategies for urban development. Nationale Dialogplattform Smart Cities, Bundesministerium des Innern, für Bau und Heimat, Germany, 10th Sept
(2021) Digital geographies and the pandemic. Dig.Eat festival, Italy, 4th Feb,
(2021) The epistemology, praxes and politics of urban science and city dashboards, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, 5th October
(2021) Fast and slow urbanism, Transforming Cities Hub, Utrecht University. 27th May
(2021) The right to the smart city. Smart Urbanism Lab, University of Sydney. 30th Mar
(2021) Collective strategies for slow computing. Centre for Media, Policy and Law, Oxford University. 9th March, 2021
(2020) The adoption gap for smart cities. Making smart and sustainable cities. City University of Hong Kong. 15th Dec.
(2020) Strategic development of open data. National Open Data Governance Board, Dublin, 8thKitchin, R. (2020) The (In)Security of Smart Cities: Vulnerabilities, Risks, Mitigation and Prevention. Data and Cyber Security webinar, Smart Data North, Liverpool. 19th
(2020) Critical reflections on real-time mobility data. Mobile Tartu, 30 June.
(2020) Civil liberties and ethics in a connected world. Human, Signals, Systems. Irish Signals and Systems Conference. Letterkenny Institute of Technology. 11-12 June
(2020) The Programmable City. Artificial intelligence and the ubiquitous city. Hong Kong Shue Yan University, April 8
(2020) Ethics and smart cities. Building Smart Cities with Citizens and for the Public Good, University of Liverpool, Mar 9.
(202), Slow computing. Global Urban Research Unit, Newcastle University. 10th Dec
(2020) Slow computing. Digital Futures Institute, University of Bristol, 8th Oct
(2020) Technologies to manage Covid-19. Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Tech and Society, UCD, 15th Dec.
(2020) Living data. AOIR keynote plenary, Dublin, 26th October.
(2020) Data and Power in the Smart City. Organized by Benchmark Initiative of Geovation, 15 July
(2020) Covid-10 and contact tracing: What Should Ireland Do? Organized by DRI, ICCL and Coffee and Circumvention. 25th June
(2020) Ethics of digital tech for tackling the spread of the coronavirus. Data, Ethics and the Covid-19 Crisis’, April 23, Moore Institute, NUIG
(2019) The right to the smart city. The Promise of Smart Cities. City University of Hong Kong, Nov 1st.
(2019) Ethics and smart cities. Ethics workshop. Belfast City Council, Sept 26
(2019) Towards a genuinely humanizing smart urbanism. Beyond Smart Cities Today. Rotterdam. Sept 19-20th
(2019) Smart Cities, Citizenship, Social Justice and Ethics. Ciudades Inteligentes y Gestion de Datos Comunitarios. Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Sede Medellín), Colombia, May 29-30.
(2019) The right to the smart city. TILT, Tilburg University, 25th Anniversary lecture. March 14th.
(2019) Smart city technologies as sources for new official statistics? Trusted Smart Statistics. Eurostat. Wiesbaden, 30-31 January.
(2019) Closing panel. Trusted Smart Statistics. Eurostat. Wiesbaden, 30-31 January.
(2019) Ethics and smart cities. Smart Dublin Ethics workshop. Dublin, 28th January
(2019) Biographical history of Irish Geography. Conference of Irish Geographers, May 15-18, Galway.
(2019) Smart spaces and smart citizens. Smart Cities and Regions Summit. May 9th, Croke Park Stadium, Dublin
(2019) The praxes and politics of building city dashboards. Cloud Innovation Centre, Taichung University.
(2019) Towards a genuinely humanizing smart cities. Special lecture, Dept of Geography, National Taiwan University.
(2019) Academic publishing and Career advice workshops. Dept of Geography, National Taiwan University.
(2019) Programmable City and Building City Dashboard projects. Dept of Geography, National Taiwan University.
(2019) Fragmented governance, the urban data ecosystem and smart cities: the case of the Greater Boston Region. Geography, UCD
(2018) The politics and praxes of building city dashboards. Web Science Institute. Southampton University, 5th Dec
(2018) Smart City Governance and the Adoption Gap. Tunghai University, Taiwan. 20th Nov
(2018) Smart City Governance and the Adoption Gap. Intelligent Urban Fabric workshop, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab. Taipei, Taiwan. 17-18 Nov.
(2018) Researching the politics and praxes of data-driven infrastructures. CAST Autumn School, 10-13 October 2018, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
(2018) Data and the city – building city dashboards. Smart Cities, Croke Park, 26th Sept.
(2018) Ethics of smart cities and urban big data. Digital Government, Croke Park, 20th Sept.
(2018) The timescape of smart cities. On time. Temporal and normative ordering of mobilities. University of Siegen., 13-14 Sept.
(2018) Closing discussant. House Data Seminar. Housing Agency, Dublin, July 4th.
(2018) Building city dashboards. University of Dundee. 13th June
(2018) Time, digital technology and the city. Institute Social Sciences Research, University of Dundee, June 12th
(2018) Data, Citizenship, Social Justice: The Right to the Smart City. Data Justice conference, May 21-22.
(2018) Smart cities, governance and citizenship. Smart Cities: ’Provincializing’ the global urban age in India and South Africa. King’s College London. 27th April
(2018) The smart city agenda: The adoption gap. Heseltine Institute, Liverpool University. 25th April
(2018) Smart Liverpool. Liverpool University, April 26th
(2018) The future of fake news. Maynooth University, April 18th
(2018) Why planning keeps failing in Ireland and prospects for the National Planning Framework. Westport Civic Trust. Westport, March 20th.
(2018) The realtimeness of smart cities. Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, March 13th
(2018) Open research data and critical data studies. Maynooth University Library. Feb 14th
(2018) Open research data and critical data studies. NUI Galway Library data series. Feb 8th.
(2017) Adoption gap issues for smart cities. Smart cities and planning: New urban agenda, new urban analytics. UCL, Nov 29-30.
(2017) Data-driven urbanism meets critical data studies. Digital Culture Meets Data: Critical Approaches, ECREA conference. Brighton University, 6-7 Nov.
(2017) What are the ethical and moral challenges in the big data age? Ethics of Coding. Maynooth University, 13-14 Oct.
(2017) Designing smart cities. Tech Thursdays, Set Theatre, Kilkenny, Sept 28th
(2017) Smart Nation to Smart City? Opportunities and Challenges. The Challenge of Smart Cities in Ireland. Croke Park, Dublin, Sept 13th
(2017) Public geography and social media. Postgraduate Forum Annual Conference Training Symposium, RGS, London, 29 Aug.
(2017) The ethics and risks of smart cities and urban big data. Conference of Leverhulme Interdisciplinary Network on Cybersecurity and Society (LINCS), QUB, 25 May
(2017) Adoption gap issues for smart cities: Governance, citizenship, ethics. Using Smart Cities to Deliver the New Urban Agenda: Issues & Challenges, UCL, 24 May
(2017) Data-driven urbanism and urban planning, SCSI, Dublin, 9 May
(2017) The ethics and risks of smart cities and urban big data. Control Societies: Technocratic Forces and Ontologies of Difference series, School of Social Policy & Practice, University of Pennslyvannia, 24 April.
(2017) The European Research Council – attractive funding opportunities for frontier research. Conference of the Association of American Geographers, Boston, 5-9 April.
(2017) Data-driven urbanism and urban planning , UCD Planning 50th workshop, Dublin, 30 March
(2017) Smart cities, big data, and new official statistics, Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, Belfast, 29 March
(2017) Smart cities, urban technocrats, epistemic communities and advocacy coalitions. New Technocracy workshop, Amsterdam, 20-21 March
(2017) The promises and perils of smart cities. Eco-Urbanites, TCD, 27th Jan
(2017) Data-driven urbanism. The I-City, University of Amsterdam. 19th Jan.
(2017) The ethics and risks of smart cities. The I-City, Amsterdam, public debate. 18th Jan.
(2016) The ethics and risks of smart cities. Getting smarter about smart cities: Smart city technologies and data privacy, Millennium Hall, Cork City Council, 9th Dec.
(2016) IoT, smart cities, algorithmic governance, ethics and security. Science Gallery, TCD, 30 Nov.
(2016) IoT and smart cities. Data Politics, Data Markets and the Internet of Things. Workshop, Maynooth University, 30 Nov.
(2016) Research and Social Media. Social Media Networking: Information, Interaction and Impact Maynooth University. 25th Nov.
(2016) Planning and governance in the era of big and open data. Geobuzz, Den Bosch, 21-22 Nov.
(2016) Reframing, reimagining and remaking. Public lecture, European University at St Petersburg, 21st October.
(2016) Rethinking smart cities. Public lecture, Moscow School of Social and Economic Studies, Moscow, 19th October.
(2016) Urban big data and city dashboards. Predict conference, Dublin, Oct 4th.
(2016) Big data and official statistics. 7th workshop on survey methodology. Korea Statistics, Oct 28-29.
(2016) The ethics and risks of urban big data and smart cities. IDSS launch, MIT, Sept 22-23.
(2016) Planning in an era of smart urbanism. UMass Boston Fall Lecture. Sept 20th.
(2016), Urban big data and city dashboards. City Flows, Venture Cafe, Rotterdam, May 26th
(2016), The Programmable City and Smart Dublin. Urban Big Data Rotterdam, Erasmus University, May 26th
(2016), Smart cities: Realising the promises while minimizing the perils. PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, May 25th
(2016), The ethics of urban big data and smart cities, Graduiertenkolleg Automatismen, Universität Paderborn, May 10th
(2016) Getting smarter about smart cities. Capacite workshop, TCD, May 3rd.
(2016) Urban Big Data and City Dashboards, Design and Information Visualisation, Northeastern Univ, April 27th,
(2016) Getting smarter about smart cities, GSD, Harvard, April 19th
(2016) Urban Big Data and City Dashboards, Civic Data Design Lab, MIT, April 14th
(2016) IoT and Smart Cities.  Analog Devices workshop on IoT, Boston, March 11th.
(2016) The politics and ethics of urban big data and data-driven urbanism. MIT Senseable City Lab, April 7th 2016
(2016) Geo-ethics workshop, University of Twente, March 14th
(2016) Ireland’s Urban Challenges, Urbact, Maynooth University, March 11th
(2016) Ethics of data-driven urbanism, Dept of Sociology, TCD, March 10th
(2016) Smart Dublin launch, City Hall, March 8th
(2016) Bartlett School of Planning at UCL, February 25th
(2016) Data Science and Social Research, University of Naples Federico II, February 18-19th
(2016) Ethics in a digital society, UCD, February 10-11th
(2016) School of Architecture, Plymouth University, February 3rd
(2016) Potential/challenges of big data, UL Winter School in Social Science Research methods, January 21st
(2015) Big data and cities, Big Data – Social Data, Warwick University, December 10th
(2015) Programmable City and Dublin Dashboard, Dublin Smart City tour, Dublin, December 3rd
(2015) Ethics of data-driven, networked urbanism, The Ethics of Data Science, Oxford University, November 30th
(2015) Making real-time Data Work in the smart city, Web Summit, November 3rd
(2015) New Approaches to Meeting City Challenges, CEOs EU capital cities, Dublin, October 29th
(2015) Big data and urban science, Urban Design Dept, University of Washington (via Skype), October 29th
(2015) Data-driven, networked urbanism, National College of Art and Design, Dublin, October 29th
(2015) Data-driven urbanism + Dublin Dashboard workshop. Making Cities Work – Technology in Planning Practice, 11th Biennial of Towns and Town Planners, Dublin, October 15-16
(2015) Big data, open data and the ethics of data-driven urbanism, and panel, Digital Earth, Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 5-9
(2015) Media and the City, ECREA, Zagreb, Sept 24-25,
(2015) Towards a Magna Carta for Data: a workshop on the ethics of Big Data, RDS, Dublin, Sept 17th,
(2015) Big data and official statistics, National Statistics Board, Dublin, Sept 10th
(2015) Dublin Dashboard. IoT Dublin meetup. Sept 3rd.
(2015) Smart Dublin? Irish Design 2015, Dublin Castle. Sept 3rd
(2015) Data-driven networked urbanism. IGU Urban Commission conference, UCD, Dublin, Aug 9th 2015
(2015) National Spatial Strategy, Macgill Summer School, Donegal. July 24
(2015) Big data and smart cities: Key data issues.  Government Data Forum, July 14th
(2015) Privacy in a digital world, Maynooth University. July 1st
(2015) Reinventing Ireland after the crash; summer school, Maynooth University. June 30
(2015) Communities and Technology, University of Limerick. June 29-30
(2015) Funding models for open access repositories.  DPASSH, Croke Park. June 25-26
(2015) The politics of urban indicators, benchmarking and dashboards, Data Power conference, University of Sheffield. June 22-23
(2015) Interdisciplinary approaches to setting the scene: representations of rurality in crime fiction. Queens University Belfast. June 15-16.
(2015) Housing crisis in Ireland, Austerity: The Irish Experience.  UCD. June 19th
(2015) Smart cities and the internet of things. Pint of Science, Dublin, May 18th
(2015) Data Opens Doors, Dublinked, Chartered Irish Accountants, Dublin, May 7th
(2015) Big data, new epistemologies and paradigm shifts, Technical University of Munich, May 11th
(2015) Smart cities and big data, University of Zurich, May 12th
(2015) Big data.  Kule Institute for Advanced Study’s Around the World Conference, April 30
(2015) Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities of Smart Cities, Strathclyde University. March 31-Apr 1
(2015) Conceptual challenges of data in science and technology, 7th Workshop of the Society for the Philosophy of Information, UCL, March 30th
(2015) Urban indicators, big data, real-time dashboards and smart cities, National Data Forum, Carton House, Maynooth. March 27th
(2015) opening intervention: ‘Geographies of, produced by, and produced through, the digital’, Digital Geographies, Open University, Milton Keynes, March 24th
(2015) closing plenary: ‘From a single line of code to an entire city: Reframing thinking on digital geographies’.  Digital Geographies, Open University, Milton Keynes, March 24th
(2015) How do we conceptualise the notion of the smart city? Smart cities workshop, Open University, Milton Keynes. March 23th
(2015) The impact of the Data Revolution on Official Statistics, New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics conference, Brussels, March 10-12
(2015) Big data and smart cities.  Civil Engineering, TCD, 2nd March
(2015) The programmable city, Dublin Dashboard and AIRO, Insight PI/FI meeting, DCU, Feb 25th
(2015) Putting Data to Work. Open data seminar.  Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, Dublin, Feb 11th.
(2015) Smart cities and the politics of urban data. Goethe-University Frankfurt. Jan 14th
(2015) How Smart is your city? Cyber Salon, Manchester, Jan 15th
(2015) The implications of big data for the academy, government and business at ‘Big data and society: prospects for social policy research’ Sheffield Hallam University, Jan 16th
(2014) Thinking critically about and researching algorithms.  Goldsmiths, London. Dec 11th
(2014) Understanding and governing cities through urban indicators, city benchmarking and real-time dashboards. CASA, UCL, Dec 10th,
(2014) Consensus vs Coalition: ‘Dublin’s Housing Crisis – Solving the problem of Supply’, Common Purpose, Dublin. Dec 9th
(2014) From Regional Clusters to Knowledge Hubs: Unlocking the Potential (discussant), HEA Forward-Look Forum, Nov 26th
(2014) Smart cities … Smart Dublin. A talk and a panel. The Web Summit, RDS Dublin, Nov 4th-6th
(2014) Smart urbanism and big data.  FA-University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Oct 29th
(2014) Smart cities and the politics of urban data.  Durham University, Oct 15th
(2014) Housing in Ireland: From Crisis to Crisis, Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland, RDS, Oct 13th.
(2014) Social Sciences in Ireland, ISSP conference, Maynooth Univ., Oct 2nd
(2014) Housing in Ireland. Working Together to Help Rebuild Ireland, Independents’ Network, Red Cow, 20th Sept
(2014) Launch of Dublin Dashboard, Wood Quay, DCC, 19 Sept
(2014) Smart cities and the politics of urban data.  LSE Cities, Mediating uncertainty workshop, 11 Sept
(2014) Diaspora strategies by and beyond the state. (discussant) RGS/IBG conference, London, 27-29 Aug.
(2014) Mapping co-production: unsettling mapping practices. (discussant) RGS/IBG conference, London, 27-29 Aug.
(2014) The co-production of digital geography (discussant). RGS/IBG conference, London, 27-29 Aug.
(2014) The real-time city? Big data and smart urbanism.  Euroscience Open Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 26th..
(2014) Urban challenges.  JPI Urban session at European Urban Research Association, Paris, June 18th.
(2014) The real-time city? Big data and smart urbanism.  Regional Studies Association, Izmir, Turkey, June 16-18.
(2014) The Irish Housing Supply Crisis: What can policymakers do to address the problem? (discussant) June 10th 2014, TCD, Dublin
(2014) Revising the national spatial strategy.  IBEC spatial planning workshop, May 28th.
(2014) alt.conference on Big Data: Lightning Talk Discussion, (discussant) Conference of the Association of American Geographers, Tampa, April 8-12
(2014) European Research Council – Top European grants for brilliant minds from across the world (panelist) Conference of the Association of American Geographers, Tampa, April 8-12.
(2014) What kind of smart city do we want Dublin to be?  At Another city is possible with Adam Greenfield. (introducer) Provisional University and Dublin Art and Technology Association, March 24th, TCD.
(2014) The real-time city? Big data and smart urbanism.  Bellwether Lecture, OII, Oxford University, 28th February.
(2014) Code acts in code/space.  Code Acts in Education, University of Stirling, 28th January.
(2013) Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. November 27th
(2013) Smart cities, big data and their consequences.  3rd National Smart Cities Summit, Croke Park, Dublin, November 20th.
(2013) Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University, October 11th
(2013) Geography, Clark University, October 9th
(2013) Big data and smart urbanism. Conference of Irish Geographers, Galway, May 16-18
(2013) IrelandAfterNAMA. (panelist) Conference of Irish Geographers, Galway, May 16-18
(2013) Geography and Development, University of Arizona, April 16th
(2013) Human and Big Data: Opportunities, Challenges and Risks.  Association of American Geographers, (discussant) Los Angeles, April 9-13
(2013) Housing and spatial justice.  Housing in Ireland: Past, Present and Future.  Spatial Planning Graduate Network.  DIT, 24th October.
(2013) Plenary panellist.  Next Tech Cities.  CityLab, New York, Oct 6-8.
(2013) Applying for an ERC grant.  Irish Research Council Annual Symposium.  Dublin Convention Centre, 14th Sept.
(2013) Applying for an ERC grant.  AESOP/ACSP conference, Dublin, 15-19 July.
(2013) Public academia and crisis in Ireland.  International conference of media and communications research.  DCU, Dublin, 25-29 June.
(2013) The real-time city? Big data and smart urbanism.  Smart Urbanism: Utopian Vision or False dawn?  International Workshop, Urban Studies Foundation and University of Durham, 20th – 21st June 2013
(2013) Public geography, social media and the media. (panelist) Conference of Irish Geographers, Galway, May 16-18
(2013) The challenges facing HSS in the neoliberal academy. The Role and Contribution of the Humanities and Social Sciences.  Royal Irish Academy, 7th May 2013
(2013) Unfinished estates, housing and spatial justice.  Spatial Justice and the Irish Crisis. Royal Irish Academy, 23 April 2013
(2013) Big data and smart urbanism, The New Urban World, Venice, 27th March
(2013) The programmable city.  IxDA, Science Gallery, Dublin, 20th March
(2013) The programmable city. City Intersections, Dublin, 12th Feb
(2012) The science behind urban development, (discussant) European Urban Research Association, Vienna, 20-22 Sept
(2012) Political Science, University of Manchester, Nov 1st
(2012) Mapping Ireland.  Association of Geography Teachers Ireland, Tallaght, Oct 13th
(2012) Making the most of population, housing and planning data. Residential conference, Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland, Athlone, 28th Sept
(2012) Transformation of Cartographic Thought.  Mapping Humans, Oxford, 13-15th Sept
(2012) Engaging publics: Writing as praxis.  Transforming the Crisis: Engaging Social Science, UCC, 6th Sept.
(2012) Collective narcolepsy.  Euroscience Open Forum, Dublin, 13th July
(2012) Planning for de-growth.  Revisiting the NSS: Ten years on. May 31st.
(2012) The All-Island Research Observatory. Senior management team, Kildare County Council, 29th May
(2012) Spatial profiling of HEIs and the potential for regional innovation systems in Ireland   Towards a Future Landscape – Where Are We Now?’ HEA conference, Aviva Stadium, May 25th, 2012
(2012) Helga Leitner’s paper on Canadian and American immigration policy. (discussant) Economic Geography of Modern Times, Maynooth, May 28th
(2012) Geography, National University of Galway, Feb 16th
(2012) Prospects for the Irish Property Market.  Irish Economic Conference, Croke Park, Jan 27th.
(2011) Ignoring data at your peril.  Data Rich … Insight Poor?  ICBAN, Cavan, Dec 1st.
(2011) The quantified self and the ethics of forgetting.  Making Things Public.  The Lab, Dublin. Nov 30th.  http://vimeo.com/33017116
(2011) New works in geopolitics.  Geopolitics, Ireland, and the New World Order. (discussant) Maynooth 25-26 Nov
(2011) The All-Island Research Observatory.  The Irish Statistical System.  CSO.  Nov 22nd
(2011) Digital society.  SFI Summit, Athlone 14th Nov.
(2011) Unfinished estates in Ireland.  Local Government Housing Conference.  Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laorghie.  Oct 20th
(2011) Better decision making through evidence informed planning.  New Ways of Mapping Unemployment.  Southside Partnership.  Bewley’s Hotel, Leopardstown. Oct 18th.
(2011) Rethinking geovisualizations.  Information Visualization 2011, SOAS, London, July 13-15.
(2011) Unfinished estates in Ireland.  At the Unfinished estates – Planning resolutions workshop.  Irish Planning Institute, 24th March, Camden Palace Hotel, Cork.
(2011) A Vision for Digital Humanities in Ireland.  Interdisciplinary collaboration.  Digital Humanities Observatory.  Dublin, March 31st
(2011) Writing creatively.  (panelist) Association of American Geographers, April 12-16, Seattle
(2011) Mapping the crisis in Ireland.  Architectural Association of Ireland, The Lab, Dublin, April 4th.
(2011) Provisional University, Exchange, Dublin, Feb 7
(2011) Building Canadian Business networks in Asia: What role for the Canadian State?  Reflections on international practice.  International Studies Association by invitation of Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canadian Government.  March 17th.
(2010) Business Studies, American Irish University, Dublin, Oct 20
(2010) Addressing the data deficit for effective planning in Ireland. 19th Oct, Enginner’s Ireland, Mullingar.
(2010) Public Policy, George Washington University, April 21
(2010) Authors meet Critics:  Teaching Geography 11-18.  (discussant) Conference of the Association of American Geographers, Washington DC, April 14-19
(2009) Geography, University of Exeter, Dec 10
(2009) Diaspora strategies and business networks: Prospects and opportunities for Armenia.  National Competitiveness Council. Yerevan, Armenia.  Nov 15-19.
(2009) Geography, University of Kentucky, Oct
(2009) Soft cities: Software and the remaking of the city.  Taaffe Annual Lecture. Ohio State University, Oct
(2009) Reference works and geographical knowledge.  (panelist) Conference of the Royal Geographical Society.  26-28 August
(2009) Research and Policy: Making a Difference Beyond the Academy.  ISSP Summer School, NUI Galway.  June 22-26.
(2009) Creating and analysing cross-border datasets.  British Cartographic Society.  Newport Pagnell, June 17-19.
(2009) All-Island Research Observatory:  Sharing information across the border.  Dept of Foreign Affairs, N-S coordinators meeting, Dublin, June 15th.
(2009) Code/Space.  Rethinking place through user-device relationships.  User-Device Relationships, Place and the City.  TCD.  April 7th.
(2009) Politics and Public Administration, University of Limerick, Apr 1
(2009) Rethinking the PhD.  (panelist) Conference of the Association of American Geographers, Las Vegas.  March 22-27
(2008) Geography, Sociology, New Media, Temple University, Philadelphia, Oct 24
(2008) Planning, Rutgers University, New Jersey, Oct 23
(2008) Some growth lessions from Ireland.  Create WV.  Snoeshoe Mountain, West Virginia, Oct 20-22.
(2008) Submitting to journals.  Academic and National Library Training Co-operative, Maynooth, 27th Feb also May 2008
(2008) GradCAM (Centre for Art and Media), Dublin, Apr 24
(2008) The Infosphere: can it be managed?  (panelist) Conference of the Association of American Geographers, Boston.  April 15-19
(2008) Transport meets mobilities: different approaches, common subject?  (panelist) Conference of the Association of American Geographers, Boston.  April 15-19
(2008) Creating and analysing cross-border data sets.  Regional Studies Association Annual Lecture.  Dublin, 26th Feb
(2008) Soft cities: Software and the remaking of the city.  Mediacity, Weimar, 18-19 Jan
(2007) Critical quantitative geography. (panelist) Conference of the Association of American Geographers, San Francisco, 2 sessions.  April 17-21
(2007) Geography and Sociology, University of Strathclyde, Mar 22
(2007) Environment, Architecture and Territory, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Mar 12th
(2007) Geography, University of Manchester, Mar 7th
(2007) Mapping code/space.  Mapping anthropoechnical spaces.  Berlin, 21-23rd Feb
(2007) Geography, University of Plymouth, Jan 31st
(2007) Geography, Manchester Metropolitan University, Jan 16th
(2006) All-island and cross-border data.  Implementing a Framework for Collaborative Action: Spatial Strategies on the Island of Ireland, Newry, 9th Nov.
(2006) Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy, UCD, Nov 2nd
(2006) Area Studies/Centre for American and Pacific Studies, University of Tokyo, Oct 6th
(2006) Air travel, code/space and automated management.  Air Time-Spaces, University of Lancaster, Sept 29-30.
(2006) Ethics of authorship.  Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers, London.  Sept 21, 2006
(2006) Looking at the present through the future.  Geographies of science fiction.  Mileaus of Creativity, Heidelberg, Sept 6-9, 2006
(2006) Mapping Interreg Programmes.  Multilateral meeting.  Four Seasons Hotel, Monaghan, 30th June.
(2006) Socio-economic profile of Border counties, Northern Ireland and Western Scotland.  Multilateral meeting.  Four Seasons Hotel, Monaghan, 30th June.
(2006) Accessible Urban Environments.  (panelist) UN World Urban Forum, Vancouver, 20th June
(2006) Reflections on LBS.  LBS4all.  Royal Geographical Society, London.  May 4th
(2006) Geography, University of Manchester, Feb 22nd
(2006) Forum on Sustainable Communities.  Armagh, 3rd Feb
(2006) Research Networks.  Research Forum, VP Office, University College Cork, 18th January
(2006) Geography, Trinity College Dublin, Jan 12th
(2005) Geography, Loughborough Univ, Nov 30th
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